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Pressure washing in St. Louis, MO

Pressure washing a deck takes an artist to do it right especially if you are going to stain the wood to protect it from the harsh weather conditions which come thru the mid-west. One day it’s 35 and the next it’s close to 100. We have seen a lot of damage that comes from both painters and other pressure wash service providers not using the correct psi on the surface of the wood. First, we will walk off the area in question to inspect the surface material to confirm it’s ok to clean with either a pressure cleaning or a chemical bath to provide the best results for our clients. Many times, in fact, we are asked to stain our paint the area we are pressure washing and if this is the case for you just let us know. We will typically wait 2-3 days after the initial pressure washing to allow the wood to dry out as this will all the wood to absorb the paint or stain and last longer.

We specialize in the art of protecting the surface that we are cleaning first. We will also take our time and treat your home as if it’s ours when we are there.

What if you have questions about your pressure washing patio or deck job regardless of size large are small just let us know. We provide an all-in-one outdoor pressure washing experience so you get the best curb appeal in the neighborhood.

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Our pressure washing on a house starts with an examination of the property. We use an eco-friendly solution that can’t be matched to kill as much as 99 percent of unwanted mold, algae, and bacteria on the surface of siding, windows, gutters, downspouts, concrete, soffit and fascia. This process is critical as it allows us to protect the surface first. We make sure we clean the surface first and use a soft wash system only applying pressure where needed. Mainly on gutters and concrete.

We get up in the area’s that an average pressure washing from a home owner would never be able to reach. When pressure washing you have to make sure not to apply to much pressure to anyone area as this can cause scaring to the surface type. Lines in concrete are common if not using the right tip. Bruising wood deck or even cracking plastic or vinyl siding. Once damage has occurred, there is now going back without repair. You can also apply to much water using pressure and get water into doors, windows, and cracks in the corner of walls.

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Pressure Washing in St. Louis

Pressure washing in St. Louis

Pressure washing concrete is for the most part pretty straight forward. Use the correct combination of pressure and solution. Most cases a concrete will have mold, algae, dirt, gum, paint, oil or rust on the surface. Our main goal is to clean the surface without damaging the surface or removing layers of concrete. We always use the right pressure washing techniques to remove stains so there isn’t a need for a lot of pressure as the soap will do most of the work. With that being said, oil and water don’t mix and if not treated in a timely manner can cause stains on the surface. We are seeing aggregate, cool decks, painted concrete more commonly on pool decks. Using our not so aggressive methods provided the best results and not damage the surface. As a homeowner you have to maintain your property. We will service most pool clients once or twice a year depending on their needs. We don’t recommended covering or winterizing a pool that is dirty as this could damage the surface of the pool and crack paint or the cool deck in areas.

We are currently providing pressure washing service on deck and patios in the following service areas: St. Louis, Chesterfield, Kirkwood, St. Charles, Ballwin, Fenton, Creve Coeur, Ladue, Richmond Heights, Clayton, Oakville, and Mehlville just to name a few. Give us a call and we will walk you through the process in only a few minutes.

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Pressure washing in St. Louis, Missouri